8 Tips For Creating Secure Passwords

8 Tips For Creating Secure Passwords

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It’s a dangerous world out there, with cyber breaches a daily occurrence. Keeping your employees and your company data safe requires both strong company password policies and controls to ensure adherence.

Developing strong password policies is an important first step. If you have an IT department that handles security and password policy administration, you probably have this item reasonably well covered. But for a lot of small businesses — law firms, accounting firms, insurance companies and many others, responsibility for IT and security falls to an office manager or admin who handles everything from payroll to billing. For that hard-working individual, password policy making is complicated and time-consuming, which may mean that it isn’t up to par.

And even if you do have a password policy in place, how do you know that all team members are complying with your password policy? As a first step, inform your team of the importance of strong passwords and the risks of non-compliance. The downloadable guide offers password creation tips for your employees.

Real-time feedback for administrators and users

Scooch includes features that help both administrators (those with IT background and those without) and users to keep their company data safe and secure. Within the back end, administrators develop password policies that make sense for their organization. The eight tips outlined in the guide below serve as a starting point to implementing password policies appropriate for your organization’s unique needs.

To show users whether their passwords are in compliance with the policies set by the admin, the Scooch Assist toolbar offers color-coded alerts. In real-time, these alerts show end-users where they may need stronger security and whether they need to update their passwords to be in compliance with your organization’s requirements.

Utilizing the eight tips below will give users a keener sense of direction to better cybersecurity. An added benefit: Upon selection of a strong password for a particular application or site, Scooch’s Single Sign-On functionality means the end user no longer has to remember the password.

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