Building Workforce Opportunities Through High School Apprenticeships

Building Workforce Opportunities Through High School Apprenticeships

Earn While You Learn

“Earn while you learn” pathways in NH expanded significantly since 2016 when the Community College System of NH received a grant from the US Department of Labor to expand registered apprenticeship opportunities in NH.  Since then, ApprenticeshipNH has assisted over forty businesses with registering their apprenticeship programs, resulting in over 200 apprentices to date.

The initiative broadened in 2020 with additional funding from the USDOL to focus on getting high school into registered apprenticeships.  The ApprenticeshipNH – High School Program is actively developing pre-apprenticeship to registered apprenticeship career pathways for high school students throughout the state.  Businesses and high schools alike are eager to collaborate on creative ways to develop more workforce development solutions and career opportunities for students.

The ApprenticeshipNH – High School Program works with a number of industry sectors including Advanced Manufacturing, Business and Finance, Construction, Healthcare, and Hospitality.  CCSNH works with high schools and businesses to develop new career pathways through registered apprenticeships.

Registered apprenticeships utilize an “earn while you learn” model as apprentices are paid employees throughout the apprenticeship experience.  The components of a registered apprenticeship include business involvement, structured on-the-job training, related instruction, progressive pay wages, and earning a national occupational credential.  In high school, pre-apprenticeship activities can include internships and extended learning opportunities alongside related courses that students enroll in.

Employer Benefits

Employer benefits are numerous.  Meeting workforce needs for in-demand occupations, investing in and training the next generation of employees, increasing productivity, strengthening retention, and building a positive workplace environment while developing a diverse talent pool are some of the many benefits to businesses large and small.

Benefits to the individual include an opportunity to jumpstart a career, gain valuable work experience before and after graduation, complete college courses, receive specialized training with little or no cost, earn a paycheck with raises, and earn a nationally recognized credential.

ApprenticeshipNH provides scholarships for students to help defray the cost of related instruction and for transportation, uniforms, and tools.  There is also funding for businesses to help defray the costs associated with on-the-job training.

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