Local Businesses “Showered,” by LGM Class of 2021

By December 15, 2020 Chamber Insights, COVID-19

Members of the Leadership Greater Manchester Class of 2021 meeting with the team at Diz’s Cafe, the first to receive a “Business Shower” by the group.

Local Businesses “Showered,” by LGM Class of 2021

Business Shower Concept Developed by the Current Leadership Greater Manchester Class to Support Small Business Growth

By: Raquel Castill0, Senior Digital Strategist at Silvertech; LGM 2021

The Leadership Greater Manchester (LGM) class of 2021 met for the first time at the end of summer 2020. LGM is a program that brings together current and future leaders in the Greater Manchester area and exposes them to different issues and experiences in the city.

At the start of the LGM Program, the class quickly came together and recognized the need to make an immediate impact in the community. The obvious effects of COVID-19 on small business were front and center on everyone’s mind. The class knew they needed to influence in a creative way, to be both impactful and to ensure everyone would be safe in providing support.

One class member came up with the idea of “Business Showers”. As the name implies, it is very similar to a baby shower or bridal shower, only this time a local business is showered with support.

There are 38 individuals taking part in the current LGM class, and as a group, they will vote on a few different businesses to support each month. Within the leadership group, they have formed different committees to help work on the various areas of the Business Shower initiative. One group narrows down the businesses to vote on and helps identify the target business each month. Another group acquires the content, conducting interviews with the businesses, getting video and photo assets and assembling an article. A third group will distribute the content, sharing via social media pages, and with other print and media organizations, as well as reminding all of the leadership team to share the stories of the businesses and any promotions they may have for the given month.

The LGM Class of 2021 believes that bringing awareness and a genuine authentic commitment to support Manchester area small businesses is more important than ever, and exactly how to lead by example. They intend their Business Showers to be an impactful element for the small business community, and they hope these efforts can help businesses to survive and perhaps even thrive in these difficult times. Community support is imperative. Sharing, liking, and leaving a review can be done from the safety and comfort of your home! Individuals can also show support by buying a gift card or going to enjoy the businesses products or services. When more people know about a business, more people can help support them. The class hopes you’ll find many ways to help them, help the city’s small business community.

The class envisions that the initiative can and will go on long past their LGM graduation date, and that the businesses they shower will continue to see great success.

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