Peter Ramsey, The Palace Theatres, 2019 Citizen of the Year


Citizen of the Year Nomination

The Citizen of the Year award recognizes an individual with outstanding leadership and citizenship in the community, while demonstrating exemplary vision, civic pride and commitment to the betterment of society

Nomination Criteria

The individual should live in the greater Manchester area, and/or his/her activities should be centered in the same area. Recognition will be given for leadership and performance in several areas of community service over a period of years. The individual recognized does not have to be a member of the Greater Manchester Chamber or the business community. It may be an individual from any walk of life, and there are no requirements or restrictions relating to gender, race, religion or ethnic background.

Nomination Procedures and Rules

Complete this form and submit it. Additional letters of recommendation and a cover letter can be submitted separately. Evaluation of the nominees will be based essentially upon the degree of completeness of information that is submitted. If a candidate is not selected this year, the nomination will be automatically resubmitted next year. All nominations will be kept confidential. The award will not be given posthumously. No seated elected official will qualify as Citizen of the Year.

Citizen of the Year Application

  • Please outline the qualifications of the nominee.
  • Please provide a brief personal history of the nominee.
  • Drop files here or

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