Fill Your Open Positions: Tips from the NH BEA!

Across our state, employers are looking to staff back up and expand their businesses as we all begin to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many are struggling to fill their open positions. Recently, the NH BIA hosted Joe Doiron, the State Workforce Director from the New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs, to give a presentation about how to find workers. Click here to view the entire presentation!

And you can check out some of our favorite tips below!

Reach Out to the Office of Workforce Opportunity!

Joe leads this office that is building up its profile and reach in the state. This office serves as the staff support to the State Workforce Innovation Board. Together, they are committed to addressing the workforce challenges here in New Hampshire. The office has had success matching individuals looking for work with employers and helping businesses overcome barriers that they are facing in filling their open positions.

You should feel free to reach out to this office if you have questions about filling positions at your business. You can reach Joe at 603-931-2848 or and you can reach Jimmie Hinson, the Workforce Development Administrator, at 603-419-0995 or

Do you know about the Sector-Partnership Initiative?

This program started in 2016 by identifying five sectors and creating a resource structure for them to navigate workforce issues and find opportunities. These five sectors are construction, hospitality, technology, health care, and manufacturing. This initiative serves as a link between business and government to help ensure that workforce training matches what businesses need. If you are in one of those sectors and not synced in with the SPI, click here to find out ( who you should get in touch with!

Looking for Younger Workers?

The Office of Workforce Opportunity works with NH-JAG ( and MyTurn Inc. ( to provide employment and training services to economically disadvantaged youth through federal funding from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). These organizations are great points of contact if you are looking to fill roles for those that are just becoming a part of the workforce!

Use the NH Job Match System and Promote an Upcoming Job Fair!

If you are not already part of the NH Job Match System, you should sign up today! Lots of businesses have had success with this program that provides direct access to NH labor pool. Sign up here!

You can also sign up to be part of an upcoming virtual job fair! By participating and promoting the event, you will help encourage workers to attend and seek out new opportunities with your business. Attendance at these fairs greatly increase when more people spread the word!

Make sure to watch the full presentation to hear all of Joe’s tips on filling your open roles! You can also reach out to him directly at 603-931-2848 or by email