Fraser Cameron- Velcro Companies

By March 1, 2017 July 25th, 2017 CEO Insights

Chief Executive Officer & President,

Fraser Cameron joined Velcro Companies in 2010 and was appointed CEO of the company in 2014. Dr. Cameron graduated from the University of Melbourne, receiving a Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Engineering and a doctorate in Electrical Engineering. In 2000, he attended Columbia University as a Fulbright scholar and received a Master of Law degree.

Dr. Cameron began his career as a research Scientist at Telstra Research Laboratories before joining the New York office of McKinsey & Company, a management consultancy, where he became an Associate Principal working with the company’s private equity and media clients. Prior to joining Velcro Companies, Dr. Cameron worked for Macquarie Capital Partners in its private equity group specializing in media infrastructure investments.

What makes your company or work environment unique?

What makes Velcro Companies unique is that we are inspired by nature. It began when an inventor, George deMestral, was inspired by the adhesive properties of the cockleburs that attached to his dog after their hikes. More than sixty years later, nature continues to inspire us, and some of our most promising products are based on biomimicry.

We also combine the best of old and new. We have deep roots in New Hampshire, where we’ve been making Velcro brand products for more than six decades. At the same time, we are doing intensive research and development here using advanced technologies to create the next generation of innovative products. We’re also partnering with other companies to a much greater extent than in the past to develop new products more quickly and gain access to new markets.

What accomplishments within your company are you most proud of?

Certainly staying in New Hampshire when much of the textile industry was leaving is a source of great pride. It allowed us to stay close to customers and forced us to distinguish ourselves through innovation not cheap prices.

We have also increased our business with consumers. It’s now our fastest-growing segment and capitalizes on the strength of the VELCRO® Brand name, which is among the most recognized in the world.  I’m also proud of our product-development pipeline. We will launch more than two dozen new products this year, which is more than in the past three years combined.

What advice would you give to up and coming leaders in the Greater Manchester community?

It’s really important to have a global perspective today since nearly every business operates in a global market. So get to know international customers or if possible seek an assignment overseas.  My experience working in an international setting was very helpful to my professional growth.

What attributes do you think makes our business community and Greater Manchester region special?

Manchester has a vibrant business environment and strong educational institutions. The community is small enough so that people in business, government and the civic sector can communicate and get things done, yet it’s large enough to have a skilled workforce and access to international markets.  Manchester has done a terrific job of investing in education so that we don’t have to look very far to find great people. I’m especially impressed by the talented engineers we’ve hired in Manchester. They have world-class skills and a desire to build a great future right here.