Grab Your Customer’s Attention in 30 Seconds or Less

Grab Your Customer’s Attention in 30 Seconds or Less

You want to reach more people and get more customers, but you have a hard time sharing what your product or service is all about…


“How can I talk to someone without making it all about my business and product? But I want them to get excited about it?”

Your business has been in newspapers, the local magazine, and you’ve even taken a crack at Facebook ads, but you’re not getting the results you want. New customers are still only trickling into your business. It’s frustrating to feel like you’re getting ignored after putting so much time and energy into growing your business, which can send you into a downward spiral of second guessing everything:

  • “Is there something wrong with what I’m offering?”
  • “Is it me?”
  • “Did I make a mistake getting into this business?”

Sometimes it feels like the only option left is to walk the streets, grab people by the shoulder and start telling them how awesome your product or service is. I don’t recommend you do that, but I know how you feel. Luckily there’s a different approach!

Someone ignoring everything                          Someone waiting to hear more
So….how do you go from the left to the right?


Talk about them. Don’t talk about you.

It’s not about your product or service, their benefits, or how long you’ve been doing what you’re doing. It’s completely, wholly, 100% about your customer. As human beings we are naturally “me” focused. It’s our default.

Consider the last time you looked at a group photo you were in. Who’s the first person you looked for? Yup, it was you! We look for ourselves to see how good (or bad) we look and completely ignore everyone else:

  • Am I smiling?
  • Are my eyes open?
  • Do I look like a troll that rolled out of bed with complete disregard of my appearance?
  • Eww, delete that immediately. Let’s take another one.

It’s not our fault, it’s just the way we’re wired. Our brain evolved to always be on the lookout for potential threats, and sometimes it acts like we’re still living in caves and might cross paths with a saber tooth tiger while hunting for today’s meal. In the group picture example, that instinct is trying to protect us from the potential threat of harmful judgment by looking unattractive, which could lead to feeling bad (with shame) because we aren’t meeting society’s standards.

As business owners we’re constantly fighting against this natural barrier that’s hard wired into each and every one of our customers. By breaking through this barrier we’re rewarded with their undivided attention so we can start building a relationship with them.

The challenge is taking what you know about your target customer and formulating it into a clear-cut message that will make them want to hear more about your product or service.

I’ll show you how. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a marketing genius to do this effectively. All you need is a genuine curiosity about your target customer. Let’s get to it.

What’s in it for me? (WIIFM?)

It’s time to look outward and get some perspective. You’re not answering WIIFM for yourself, but you’re putting yourself in your target customer’s shoes. You’re looking at their problems from their perspective. This is about understanding the RESULT that they want. They don’t care about the benefits or how you’ll get them there (yet). What they do care about is what’s in it for them. If you get this right, then you’ll get their attention and win them over.

Here’s a framework that will help you nail the answer:

  • What’s something they really want (and your solution can solve for them)?

After getting this answer a lot of business owners stop, brush off their hands, and move on to the next thing. To get a more effective message you need to go deeper.

  • Once your customer gets their desired result, what will this allow them to do?

If you know this then you’re getting warmer, but you need to go one step further to reach the core motivation that will get them to choose you over your competition.

  • What does that look like for them?

This is the sweet spot. This is where emotion meets motivation and desire. The trick is to use their words. No barriers exist here because you’re already in their head. It’s the combination that successful businesses use to win customers.

Let’s go through an example using this framework. We’ll focus on the fitness industry for new moms:
  • What result do they want?
    1. “I want to lose weight.”
  • What will this allow them to do?
    1. “I’ll feel better about myself.”
  • What does that look like for them? What would make them feel better?
    1. “I’ll be able to fit into my old jeans again.”

Note: the above example is clear and straightforward, but a real-life conversation may not go this smoothly. You may need to repeat questions 2 and 3 multiple times to get to the root of their desired result.

If you don’t know enough about your target customer to reach this level then go talk to them!

Package it up into a clear-cut message:

Now we need to turn this into a message that will resonate with our target customer. Use the following template where the topics in brackets ([ ]) are fill-ins based on the answers you got from the exercise above:

We help [target customer] [result they want] so they can [what that looks like for them]

Using the fitness example from before:

“We help new moms lose weight so they can fit into their old jeans again”

A message like this is so specific that it will cut through their barriers, snatch their attention, and allow you to start a conversation without having to grab them by the shoulders and shake them.

Test it out:

Now that you have your clear message it’s time to go test it. Get out there and talk to your target customer. See what kind of reactions you get and whether or not you nailed it. It should take 30 seconds or less. You should be able to gage their interest based on the following:

  • “That’s exactly what I need! Where do I sign up?” [They’re really excited, ready to take action, and want to hear more]
  • “That sounds interesting.” [They‘re humoring you but won’t be buying]
  • “Oh, I know someone who may be interested.” [It’s not for them]

With these tools you can get more customers by grabbing their attention and winning them over. Try it out for your own business and let us know how it goes. Good luck!

About the Author

Brandon Courcy lives a dual life – he’s an engineer by day and an entrepreneur by night. He specializes in coaching part-time entrepreneurs on how to get high-ticket clients on the side so they can eventually match their salary and finally let go of the safety net that’s preventing them from going all-in with the work they’re meant to do. He’s earned four times his pay rate on the side compared to his well-paying corporate job because he believes entrepreneurs can multiply their worth in their own business rather than settle for a 3% “standard of living” raise once a year in someone else’s. He’s on a mission to liberate closet entrepreneurs from their conventional jobs so they can amplify their positive impact on the world.

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