Growth and Opportunity in Manchester’s Millyard

By December 7, 2017 Advocacy, Chamber Insights

Growth and Opportunity in Manchester’s Millyard

“We need to start taking risks,” said Kyle York, general manager and vice president at Oracle + Dyn, when asked what our Millyard needs to be attractive and cool.

On Wednesday, December 6th, the Greater Manchester Chamber hosted a Millyard Forum, presented by Citizen’s Bank, at Oracle + Dyn. More than 160 members of the business community were in attendance, to listen to both York and Heather Lavoie, chief strategy officer for Geneia, chat about the Millyard ecosystem, the challenges they face, and how the area continues to transform.

Lavoie and York, both graduates of Manchester public high schools who brought their businesses to the Manchester, discussed what Millyard needs in order to maintain a sustainable workforce. In addition to ideas such as enhancing the riverfront and creating more innovative spaces to congregate, Lavoie stressed how important it is for the Millyard to work on branding itself.

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