Ideas for Social Media Posts

By October 25, 2016 February 10th, 2017 Member Insights

Ideas for Social Media Posts with guest blogger:

Kristen McCormick of Propel Marketing


Social media can be used to support the many dimensions of a business—products and services, audience and customers, personality and culture, promotions and reviews, and the list goes on. It is a place where businesses can demonstrate their value and build their brand as a part of their greater story. The key to experiencing the benefits of social media is knowing how to appeal to your audience while staying true to your brand messaging. Here are some ideas for social media posts that add value for both your business and your followers.

Social Media Posts for Expertise

Customers aren’t just looking for the best pricing or customer service. The amount of knowledge you have in your field is a crucial factor in establishing trust, standing out above your competitors, and winning customers. Here are some social media posts to try to demonstrate your expertise.

1. Tidbits

You don’t have to publish long 1000-word thought leadership pieces to provide benefit and value. Quick facts and statistics relevant to your industry make great social media posts, as they are quick, digestible, interesting, and of value to your audience.

2. Interviews

Being connected with other experts shows that you are actively involved in your field and always learning more. Interview an industry expert and record it. In addition to posting it on your website, you can take clips, quotes, and screenshots from the interview and form them into social media posts.

3. Tutorials

While comprehensive how-to’s make great blog posts, mini how-to’s make great social media posts. Compile pictures of each step into one image with text, or show the first few steps and then link to the blog post with the rest of the steps.

Social Media Posts for Audience Engagement

While it is important to show your expertise and offer useful information, you also want to give your followers opportunities to get involved too. These posts can get your audience to act and increase your social media engagement.

1. Fan Photos

Use pictures of happy customers engaging with your business, benefitting from your service, or using your product to create social media posts. They will be glad to get some publicity and your audience will see how glad people are to be customer s. You can also encourage users to send in their photos for a chance to show up on your business’s account.

2. Questions
Asking questions in social media posts is a great way to engage your audience. Thought-provoking questions spark up an interesting discussions and even create material for future social media posts (just aim for discussion, not debate!) Questions about a product or service provide you with useful feedback and show your customers that you care about their satisfaction.

3. Something of Personal Importance

Create a social media post with a picture or description of something that is important to you or that you can’t live without, ideally with respect to your industry or your role within your business. Perhaps it’s a particular notebook, type of coffee you drink at work, or an inspirational quote you look at every day. Then ask your followers what theirs is. This type of social media post will emphasize the human side of your business as well as your transparency. In addition, it will get others engaging with the post and also help you to gather information on your target audience.

Social Media Posts for Products and Services

While you want to avoid pitching your business on social media, it is okay to educate users on your products or services and convey the value they bring. Here are some ways to do so:

1. Photos of Products or Services

Posting photos of new or popular products can help to raise awareness of what you have to offer as well as to even drive sales of those products. If you are a service-based company, use before-and-after photos, or behind the scenes looks at the process behind the final outcome. As withFacebook ad images, it is best to feature typical end user using the product or benefitting from the service in context. These social media posts give potential customers a taste of what it’s like to be a client and clarify how, where, when, or why your product is used.

2. Case Studies

Case studies tend to be longer pieces of content, but you can produce summary snippets, photos, or even video clips from them to create social media posts. These posts can then link to the full case study. Just make sure that you have consent of your client to publish the case study—both on your website/blog and on social media.

3. Video Testimonials

If you have long time or loyal customers that are willing to do a video testimonial, you will have great material for a social media post. Testimonials offer social proof, and videos create an even more personable and relatable experience.

Social Media Posts for Culture

By showing the personality and culture of your business, you give people a taste of what it’s like to be a customer, and also create opportunities for a more personal connection with your audience. Here are a few culture -oriented social media posts that can show the more human side of your business.

1. Something Personal

Sharing something that is of value to you personally—as a business owner or in relation to your industry can make for an effective social media post. Whether it’s a helpful website, great book, or favorite quote, you are opening yourself and your mind set up to your followers, demonstrating your values and representing the human side of your business.

2. Behind the Scenes Photos

Behind the scenes photos—at the office, at company events, on delivery routes— are great ways to show the personality of your company. These social media posts encourage transparency and trust among your followers, and give them a closer look at the people behind the products. You might even have a select audience of loyal customers with whom you share exclusive posts through direct messaging.

3. Milestones

Share your excitement over an award, milestone, or something else that you and your company are proud of. Wording these social media posts the right way is important, however, as you do not want to appear as though you are boasting, but rather want to share the excitement with those who matter, keep your followers in the loop, and remind people of your commitment to hard work for their satisfaction.

These social media post ideas are simply guidelines. You can modify them, mix and match them, or even create a series out of just one of them. Then, with Google Analytics applied to your business website, you can see which ones resonate most with your audience and best support your business goals. Get creative in growing your business with social media!