Manchester Community Market Introduces Food, Flowers and Fun in 2017

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The 2017 Manchester Community Market can’t be “beet”

The Manchester Community Market is off to a strong start this year which is a result of the community making major improvements in Victory Park and the market’s new manager, Derek Lynch. Many eager visitors attended the grand opening of this years Market. This year the stands are set up on the Concord Street side of the park allowing Vendors easier access to their cars and proving a nice walkway for shoppers to easily see all of the fresh foods and fun tables.

Q&A with Derek Lynch

What makes you so passionate about the Manchester community market?

Community and Farmers’ markets act as a gathering space for local families to enjoy the outdoors, the vibrant downtown area, live music, and many more intangibles. Whether its local food, local crafts, and other artisan goods, Manchester’s Community Market allows ambitious locals in the Greater Manchester area the opportunity to pursue more fulfilling purposes in life and build both a brand, and a local, loyal customer base. One can put a local face with the local food resulting in confidence with the quality and source of your food being purchased.

What is the best way to get involved?

Each day, I am connecting with people and businesses who want to get involved because they understand the importance of cooperative community activities, however are not sure what the best first step is. I can say that any step taken in the direction of volunteering, no matter how big or small, is a good start. The more our vendors, sponsors, and volunteers contribute their collective time and effort, the more connected we become in growing a true Community Market.  Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer can do so by clicking here; businesses and organizations exploring the benefits of becoming a sponsor of the Manchester Community Market may click here for more information.

What makes the Manchester Community Market different this year?

Chris Sullivan, Park Planner at City of Manchester department Parks and Recreation, is someone whom I’m grateful to work closely with in my first season as the Market manager, is helping us plan and shape the foundation of a successful market with a collective, family-friendly atmosphere at Victory Park. If you have not been to Victory Park lately, it’s worth reconsidering; as Chris has orchestrated an incredible renovation with colorful flowers, emerald green-grass, and glowing illumination at night. From what I have observed in only 2 months of becoming the Market Manager, I am overwhelmed by the collective effort the MPD and MPW has put forth which has ensured that not just the Manchester Community Market has a lovely, safe, and vibrant place to appreciate as home, but all of the Greater Manchester Community.

Any last thoughts for our readers?

In conclusion, the Manchester Community Market has the following to offer:

  • It is welcoming to children and pets
  • Free to park in the lot across the street
  • Is a convenient stop to pick up delicious food for healthy meals each week
  • Pick up barbecue necessities for the upcoming weekend
  • Parents can happily bring their children along to play games in the park
  • Kids can get their faces painted like their favorite superhero or animal
  • Avoid vanishing in the endless aisles of a big grocery store
  • Activities each week

It really is an exciting time to be a part of our market community. I’ve personally spoken with countless locals about the market and it is clear that the farmers’ market in Manchester was a staple in their childhood memories and a tradition worth cultivating further.

When is it Open?

The market will be open every Thursday from 3-6:30 p.m. and will be open to all! The market will be here until October 12th this year.