Manchester Company Reshaping the Future of Startup Investment

Manchester Company Reshaping the Future of Startup Investment

Pictured above (L-R), co-founders and managing partners Adam Coughlin, Kyle York and Joe Raczka – courtesy photo

The greater Manchester tech startup scene took another step forward recently with the launch of York IE, a new hybrid early stage investment and operational growth firm. The firm is run by former Dyn leaders Kyle York, Joe Raczka and Adam Coughlin and will have a strong commitment to investing in Granite State startups, as well as creating content for entrepreneurs and angel investors. York, Raczka and Coughlin have all shown great support and investment in the Greater Manchester Chamber (GMC), and Raczka sits on the GMC Board of Directors.

“Throughout my career, I have always been a traveling ambassador for New Hampshire,” said Kyle York, CEO and managing partner at York IE. “I love my home state and think it is the best place to raise a family, enjoy a high quality of life, and to build a business.

“I think the next great startup is being formed in New Hampshire. Right now. Our Live Free or Die attitude is the ethos of any great entrepreneur,” York continued. “My passion has always been finding those entrepreneurs, working with them, and helping them build great companies that create jobs, grow generational wealth and impact the world.”

York IE, which is headquartered at 175 Canal Street in Manchester, has written a blog about its launch, mission and why it is so bullish on the future of the NH tech ecosystem.

Follow them on Twitter: @yorkgrowth.

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