Manchester Proud – What Is It and Why Should I Get Involved?

By August 17, 2018 August 23rd, 2018 Education, Workforce Development

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Manchester Proud – What Is It and Why Should I Get Involved?

Several months ago, a group of local business leaders presented a new, community-based movement, called Manchester Proud, to the Chamber Board of Directors. The mission of Manchester Proud is to engage our community in the creation of a comprehensive plan for the future of our public schools. Following this presentation, the Board voted unanimously to lend our full support to this initiative given how closely it aligns with our strategic goals.

Overall, Manchester is a thriving community with considerable resources. Our businesses are growing and our Millyard has become a world-class tech hub, rekindling our City’s inventive spirit. We are supported by exceptional colleges and universities, as well as impactful nonprofits. And, our growing diversity offers a wealth of talents and richness of cultures unique in New Hampshire.

Despite these positive trends, our public schools face significant challenges while, at the same time, we hear from member businesses that workforce development is the top challenge facing the business community. In the absence of action, Manchester’s ability to compete for qualitied employees will certainly be compromised. A prosperous future for Manchester requires public schools that not only educate and train our own kids, but are a source of pride and vital asset in the recruitment of outside talent.

Since the Chamber’s early endorsement of Manchester Proud, more than 100 of our most notable businesses and community organizations have signed-on as Champions of Manchester Proud. Additionally, the movement has gained the support of Manchester’s School Board and teachers’ union.

Given the importance of this work, I am asking that you and your business become an active supporter of Manchester Proud. Visit and sign up at the bottom of the landing page as a supporter. Be on the alert for upcoming community workshops and celebrations. Encourage your employees to participate and follow the movement on Facebook. And, join other businesses in contributing the needed financial support. If you are interested in a volunteer capacity, I encourage you to fill out this survey.

Now is the time for us to come together for our community by lifting our public schools to greater excellence.