Keeping the Momentum Going

Manchester Young Professionals are connecting the last few dots after establishing their strategic plan in 2018.

Lyndlee Hayes
Senior Account Executive, GYK Antler;
Marketing & Partnerships Committee Chair, MYP

With a solid strategic foundation in place, the Manchester Young Professional Network’s Marketing and Partnerships Committee agreed that it was time for us to take a deeper look at MYPN’s brand identity. Our goal was to

focus on modernizing MYPN’s brand while also authentically linking the organization’s overall mission and highlighting its merger with the Greater Manchester Chamber. The new brand identity ultimately would become a tool to help actively attract, retain and develop a vibrant and collaborative network of young professional in the Greater Manchester area.

As MYPN’s brand identity evolved, it was also time for us to revisit our logo and name. Since MYPN’s new strategic plan was implemented in November 2018, the organization has been an agent of change and empowerment for young professionals in the Greater Manchester area, it was also time to make sure our brand also represented these changes. We needed to make sure that our identity and logo reflected the vibrancy of our members, our city and the opportunities that exists within it.

Our first step was to reevaluate our name “Manchester Young Professional Network” or “MYPN”.

When you think of a “network” the first thing you might envision is cable television, a structure, networking (often a trigger of anxiety for the general public) or that Mark Zuckerburg movie. Overall, “network” was not something that the “MYPN” brand identified as, and it was not something that our audience recognized or associated with anymore. In order to be a modern brand we needed to have a simple and modern name that worked in unity with our new identity. Instead of reinventing the wheel we decided that we could simplify to become “Manchester Young Professionals” short and sweet, and right to the point, this easily represented exactly what MYP is and who we service.

Our next step was revisiting our logo.

We were sure to be strategic in our choices, keeping in mind the connection to the Greater Manchester Chamber as we began development, but we still wanted to ensure that Manchester Young Professionals had its own identity outside of the Chamber. With this approach we identified a new color pallet that felt fresh, youthful and non-traditional. Enter our new brand color “green” – a color that we felt accurately depicted what MYP stands for as a unique, forward thinking and growth-oriented organization while staying connected to the “spring m” of the Chamber.

Manchester Young Professionals is excited to begin to roll out our new brand identity to the public. This is a pivot point for the organization and a step forward in the right direction. It’s important to have a brand that fully envelops the passion and characteristics of our members and the programming and opportunities that we organize. We’re thrilled for you to see what’s coming around the corner!


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