Meet 2018 Congressional Candidate Eddie Edwards

Meet 2018 Congressional Candidate Eddie Edwards

In an effort to keep young professionals in Manchester, NH well informed, MYPN interviews 2018 candidates regarding where they stand on issues that affect young professionals, the livability of Manchester, and opportunities to start and grow careers in the city


How do you suggest we attract and ultimately retain young professionals in the Manchester region?

As much of New Hampshire’s population ages, growing the number of young professionals working and living in the Manchester area is critical to the future of our state. In order to both attract and retain young professionals in the Manchester region, the biggest impact a Member of Congress can have is to reduce the size and scope of the federal government. Doing so will empower our small businesses in the area to grow and new ones to open their doors.

While I am a strong believer that education should be controlled at the state and local level, it is important for our elected officials in the region to help grow our trade schools and expand quality education opportunities in the Manchester area. It is vital that these schooling opportunities are symbiotic with the jobs offered in the region. With a renewed focus on high-skilled manufacturing jobs and the trades in Greater Manchester, we must bridge gaps between high schools, universities, and colleges to foster internships and training programs that benefit our young people and the small business hubs that are driving our economy.

We also must effectively combat the opioid epidemic and support our law enforcement. Giving them the tools to keep our communities safe is incredibly important.

Finally, it is imperative that our state continues to stand out from the rest of New England with the New Hampshire advantage. Without a sales or income tax, we are an attractive place for young professionals to work and live, which ensures our entrepreneurs and small business owners have the necessary workforce available to expand.

How do you think we can get young professionals more engaged in the political process?

In contrast to many other states, young professionals in the Granite State are already quite engaged in the political process. That likely has a lot to do with how connected our local elected officials are to their communities. The First in the Nation Presidential Primary process also plays an important role in heightening the level of attention all New Hampshire residents pay towards the political process. This is a very positive thing.

With that being said, we can always do more to foster increased engagement between elected officials and all of their constituents. Throughout this campaign, I have been the only candidate holding open and public town hall meetings. I have visited dozens of businesses, attended hundreds of community events, and talked with countless voters at their doors and in their living rooms. In fact, I was the first to have campaigned in every town and city in NH-01. I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of all of our elected officials to make themselves available to their constituents and to create a culture of open dialogue between themselves and those they represent. That culture is crucial to not only getting more young professionals involved in the process, but also for ensuring that their voices are being adequately reflected in Washington, D.C.

What do you believe to be the #1 issue for young professionals in the Greater-Manchester region?

Job creation and job retention are the most important issues for young professionals in the Greater Manchester region. We must continue to foster an environment at the federal level that encourages our small businesses to offer more good paying jobs that encourage young people to stay in the Granite State after attending colleges and universities here or to return to the Granite State after attending school elsewhere.

These small businesses are the engines that make the Greater Manchester area a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. To help bring new businesses in and to empower and grow existing ones, it is imperative for us to keep taxes low, reduce over-burdensome regulations, and allow these economic engines to flourish. That is true not only at the federal level, but at the local and state level, too.

What piece of legislation do you support that would most improve the lives of young professionals in New Hampshire?

I am a strong supporter of the tax cuts that were passed during this Congress and signed into law by President Trump. If elected to Congress, I will work to make these cuts permanent and continue to build on the successes of the cuts with more tax reform legislation. It is clear that with more money in the pockets of small business owners and New Hampshire families, the better our economy does.

We are currently experiencing some of the strongest economic growth we have seen in many years. Unemployment is at record lows. Our economy is strong and the growth is incredible. This is in large part due to the work done by Republicans in Congress and President Trump. In order to keep our economy on track, it is imperative that our next Congress continues to work on legislation that will reduce federal spending, cut back overregulation, and empower the free market to have a larger role in our healthcare system.

Why is NH a great state for young professionals?

When I moved to New Hampshire over 30 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia when I was stationed at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard during my time in the U.S. Navy, I knew that this was where I wanted to spend my life. In addition to the pure beauty of the Granite State, the quality of life in New Hampshire is ideal to raise a family. Our economy is humming as a result of our “Live Free of Die” mindset, which is emblematic in how we embrace limited, but effective government. The New Hampshire advantage allows us a competitive advantage against other New England states in our region. We live in an incredible state that is not only great for young professionals, but for people of all ages.

If you were tasked with planning a day for an out of state young professional to visit Manchester, what would you make sure they saw/did?

Beginning with an arrival at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, I would ensure they saw all that Manchester has to offer. With a tour of the Queen City’s vibrant downtown, one could spend the whole day visiting small businesses, eating at local restaurants, and taking in entertainment at the Palace Theater, a local museum, and in the Civic Center. Catching the Fisher Cats or the Manchester Monarchs play a baseball game or hockey match, respectively, is always a good idea. Taking time to tour Manchester’s historic millyard and the many businesses and universities that call it home is a must. Introducing him or her to leaders in government and business to tell their own stories is imperative. The Queen City has so much to offer that it wouldn’t take much to fill up a visit for an out-of-state young professional, and it certainly wouldn’t be difficult to convince them to make the short visit into one that would last a lifetime.

MYPN is a program of the GMCC, which is a non-partisan business advocacy organization. MYPN is committed to engaging candidates for public office on key issues of importance to young professionals. MYPN has reached out to all candidates for Governor, Congressional District 1 and Executive Council for the 2018 election cycle to participate in this “Meet the Candidates” blog series.