Michelle Jukoski – HUB International

By October 11, 2019 CEO Insights

Michelle Jukoski

SVP, National & East Region, Technology Practice Leader, HUB International

As Senior Vice President of Benefits Technology for HUB International, Michelle seeks to achieve efficiencies for employers including but not limited to, Enrollment, Wellness, HR, and Compliance tools. With over 25 years of experience, Michelle has led the effort to select and implement electronic enrollment solutions for clients both locally and nationally.

What makes your company or work environment unique?

While HUB International employees over 12,000 employees in the US and Canada, it is comprised of hundreds of smaller brokers that have joined through strategic acquisition. This creates a unique opportunity for employees  and our clients in that you retain your local small office feel; however, you can also provide Fortune 500 solutions and services that were simply not an option prior to joining HUB. It’s the best of both worlds.

What accomplishments within your company are you most proud of?

I joined HUB in 2011 when Workplace Benefit Solutions, located in Manchester, was acquired. Since that time, I have been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to expand my role from local to regional and most recently, to the national level. Being from a small community like Manchester, NH and a small firm like WBS with less than 20 employees and earning the opportunity to represent the organization nationally  is definitely what I am most proud of.

What advice would you give to up and coming leaders in the Greater Manchester community?

Network and get involved. You can’t know too many people, and Manchester has created really great networking opportunities if you seek them out.  I would also say “be humble and kind.”  Treat people with respect because you never know when your paths may cross again.

What attributes do you think makes our business community and Greater Manchester region special?

Manchester is a special place with rich history. Downtown has grown from a relatively sleepy one to one bustling with entertainment and high quality restaurants. The opportunity to be involved in your local Chamber of Commerce provides quality networking to meet local business leaders. While Manchester is a city, it’s really like a small town.