Small Business Week: NH HealthCost Offers Resources Aimed at Granite State Businesses

NH HealthCost Offers Resources Aimed at Granite State Businesses

The New Hampshire Insurance Department’s nationally-recognized transparency website,, also includes interactive content to help Granite State employers purchase health insurance for their employees.

For those unfamiliar with NH HealthCost, it is a free resource that was developed by the Department and uses anonymous paid claims data collected from New Hampshire’s health insurers to show insured and uninsured patients’ estimated costs on more than 100 medical services and over a dozen dental procedures. It also includes a “Guide to Health Insurance” to help answer common health insurance questions.

Here are some examples of the cost and quality variation found on NH HealthCost:

  • Average costs range for common lab tests can range from $11 to $123, depending on the lab you choose.
  • Some dentists charge 3 times more than others for a simple cleaning.
  • Patient satisfaction scores for the state’s hospitals range from 88 percent of patients being highly satisfied to 62 percent of patients being highly satisfied.

On NH HealthCost, you will find that prices vary, and studies have found that higher costs generally don’t mean better care. The website allows you to compare cost estimates and hospital quality side-by-side, making it easier to choose high value care options.

The Employer Resources section, which was added in November 2017, helps businesses evaluate health insurance companies, stay informed about trends in provider payments, and educate their employees about health care and insurance.

The site’s Employer Resources section features:

Downloadable tools:
Educational content:

We hope that you will consider sharing NH HealthCost with your employees and others. If you are interested in informational materials or have any questions, please contact me at or at 603-271-3781.

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