Nick Mercier – Macy Industries

By June 13, 2018 CEO Insights

Nick Mercier – Macy Industries

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Mercier, is Chief Executive Officer of Macy Industries Inc. Nick is the 2nd generation of the Mercier family to lead and develop the family business. Nick grew up working at MACY during summers until graduation from the University of New Hampshire in 2002 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. When not at work he enjoys outdoor activities such as car racing, riding motorcycles, skiing, and sailing. Nick is most passionate about spending time with his family, and just welcomed his third boy, Cooper Mercier, to the family.

What makes your company or work environment unique?

We are a family business and take it to heart.  At Macy Industries we have learned to grow without sacrificing our family values.  We assign equal importance to customers and employees.   Marcel Mercier founded the company in 1975 and still takes pride in working with 70% of Macy’s original customers, but we are always seeking to help new ones by introducing customers to our talented employees.   Since most new customers come to Macy without a product outline or solution to their problem, our employees work closely with customers to give them a solution from just an idea.  This philosophy keeps our business growing. Believe it or not, this simple approach is unique in this world of large corporate interests.

What accomplishments within your company are you most proud of?

We have continued to evolve. For example, while we are traditionally a metal fabrication company, we have recently developed a line of carbon fiber products as we expand our material offerings. In 2010, U. S. Special Operations Command approached Macy to create a lightweight, durable, collapsible metal ladder that could be carried in the field. Realizing the challenge of completing the project using metal, Macy designed a retractable carbon fiber ladder that extends to 18 feet and can accommodate up to 1,000 pounds but weighs only 18 pounds.   That project led to the launch of Pilot Innovations for manufacturing composite products, which we expect to grow significantly in the coming years.

What advice would you give to up and coming leaders in the Greater Manchester community?

Providing meaningful, sustained employment along with a high quality of life to your employees/citizens, especially the younger people,  should be among the top priorities whether you are in business, government or education.   Critical to the sustainability of our business community is to attract and keep young talent by providing quality job opportunities and passing on the wisdom and experience of our older workforce.  Macy believes that the philosophy of working closely with local schools and government is necessary to accomplish this.

What attributes do you think makes our business community and Greater Manchester region special?

The Manchester area has many great assets such as geographic proximity to major cities as well as places for people to spend their leisure time.  There are academic institutions, major banks, resources for entrepreneurs, successful start-up ventures and a creative business environment.  This community knows the meaning of “Neighbor” and more often than not we find that this community works together to solve any problem.