Nominate The Next Citizen of the Year for Greater Manchester

By September 23, 2019 March 11th, 2020 Chamber Insights

2018 Citizen of the Year, Michael L’Ecuyer, Honored at the 2019 GMC Annual Dinner and COY Celebration

Nominate a Citizen of the Year for Greater Manchester

Leadership. Kindness. Commitment. Passion. Excellence.

These words describe the 65 past Citizens of the Year that have been awarded by the GMC since 1954. Each year, the Chamber’s Annual Dinner and Citizen of the Year Celebration honors the ideals of leadership, civic engagement, and philanthropy through the Citizen of the Year Award. Save the date for our next celebration on April 22, 2020!

Our Past Citizens of the Year represent some of the most important leaders who have shaped and guided our community for the better. Our 2018 Citizen of the Year, Michael L’Ecuyer, lives these ideals each day and serves as a pillar of the greater Manchester community, and the Chamber, through his service and dedication.

After 65 years celebrating this award, it is still as important to today as it was in 1954.

Now the time is here – who will be the next Citizen of the Year?

*Nominations are now closed!

We encourage you to thoughtfully consider who might be a candidate for this prestigious award. Consider why your nominee is deserving, and what kind of impact they have demonstrated in the Manchester community. Speak to your colleagues and friends who know your nominee, and have them share what makes that person so special to our community. This is the chance to highlight someone who has made an impact!

In April, we look forward to this the celebration as we come together as a unified business community. Help us honor our next deserving Citizen of the Year. Save the date for April 22, 2020 and begin to prepare your nomination today.

Nominations are now closed.