October COVID-19 Update, Chamber Survey & More

COVID-19 Update, Chamber Survey & More

A note from GMC CEO & President, Michael Skelton


Dear Chamber Members,

I hope this update finds you healthy and well! The fall season in the business community is often referred to as the “busiest season” with back to school activities, a calendar chock-full of community events, and a faster pace of business activity coming out of the summer months. While so much of this fall is out of the norm due to COVID-19, time is flying by and things seem to be as busy as ever and I hope for all of you that is translating to progress and recovery from a challenging start to 2020.

Which brings me to the first topic in today’s update: now is the time for us collectively to double down on masking wearing, social distancing, and other COVID-19 safety protocols both while at work and out and about in our communities. Through great sacrifice and hard work, New Hampshire, and the Northeast generally, flattened the COVID-19 curve this spring allowing a gradual reopening of our economy, though many aspects of everyday life remain different. During this gradual reopening and return of some sense of normalcy, it was only natural that some of our vigilance and consistency in following health protocols we used to flatten the curve in the spring would become relaxed.

As COVID-19 spreads in other parts of the country, winter approaches, and infections in New Hampshire start to uptick, now is our chance to double back down on those smart steps that helped us flatten the curve months ago and can help keep our situation here in New Hampshire stable, allowing our businesses, schools, and communities to remain open. We cannot underestimate that each of our individual decisions on simple things like mask wearing, social distancing, and following state reopening guidelines, taken together, can have a massive collective impact on the overall health and economic recovery of our state.

Let’s act collectively now to keep New Hampshire’s curve flat and preserve the hard work and sacrifice made by so many health care workers, businesses, organizations, and families earlier this year. Please wear your masks, socially distance, follow the state’s universal or industry guidelines for your business or organization and be sure to keep supporting our small businesses and nonprofits who continue be deeply impacted by this crisis and face a steep hill to recovery.

Thank you for all that you are doing to keep our community moving forward.

Main Street Relief Fund 2.0 – Deadline October 30th

The deadline for the State of NH’s Main Street Relief fund is Friday October 30th at 4 pm. If your business did not receive a grant in the initial round of funding or received less than the maximum, please review whether your business is eligible and apply!

GMC Member Survey –Shape the Future of Our Chamber

We need your help to shape the future of our Chamber! Please complete this membership survey to assist the GMC Board of Directors in updating the Chamber’s strategic plan and consider potential changes to our membership benefits. Our Chamber team prides itself on always being innovative and evolving to meet the expectations and needs of our members. Your feedback is critical to this process – please share your input and ideas today!

GMC Virtual Programs – Stay Connected!

The Chamber has a great line up of virtual fall programming scheduled over the next several weeks. Earlier this week, we held our virtual Gubernatorial and Congressional Forum to help connect you with where the candidates stand on key business issues. Check out the recorded livestream of the event on your GMC YouTube channel.

Stay healthy,


Mike Skelton, President & CEO, GMC