Passion and Innovation on Display at McLaughlin Middle School

By April 4, 2017 May 11th, 2017 Chamber Insights, Education

Passion and Innovation on Display at McLaughlin Middle School

Deepening the engagement between the business community and the Manchester School District is a key priority for the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce in 2017. Specifically, the Chamber hopes to better promote the success stories of the Manchester School District happening every day to ensure members of our community have a balanced and informed view of our schools.

Recently, the GMCC Education Committee hosted the first in an ongoing series of tours at various schools in Manchester at McLaughlin Middle School. The tour provided business leaders the opportunity to meet school administrators, teachers, students, and learn about the exciting and innovative programs being offered, aimed at improving educational outcomes and introducing students to future workforce opportunities.

As our group stepped foot inside McLaughlin Middle School, we were immediately greeted with positive energy from the school’s Assistant Principal, Laila Duffy. Laila has spent 48 years working in the Manchester School District, and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the efforts that the teachers and administration of McLaughlin Middle School put forth to shape young minds in ways that the students can apply to the real world.

For example – in 6th grade, every student begins their first class, no matter the subject, with a ‘Question of the Day.’ The students are then given time to write their answers and thoughts to the question to practice their writing skills. The school believes that writing skills are incredibly important and encourages these students to hone their skills daily.

Read more about our tour, below!


Our first stop was the library, where the students who are studying about American Revolution are learning ways that they could present what they have learned visually, like through a PowerPoint Presentation.


Next was Mrs. Malynn’s Science Class, where students are learning about the Earth’s surface and weather. The students enthusiastically told us about their own 5-day forecasts and showed us their projects that they use to explain what is happening in the atmosphere!


Our third stop was Woodshop with Mrs. Bernier. The students are currently building Birdhouses. Mrs. Bernier explained that she recently received access to a second room, so students can design their projects in 3-D on computers in one room, then use the woodshop room to see their designs come to life!


We then happened upon Mrs. Lacaillade’s class, where 8th grade Band students were performing an incredible version of the theme song from Pirates of the Caribbean!

English Language Learning (ELL)

The group moved on to Ms. McQuade’s classroom, who works with ELL students who are not fluent in english. As the students’ progress in their studies and learn the language, they enter Ms. McQuade’s English Language Pullout Program, where teachers continue to support the students who started in the ELL program, while they become more and more integrated into the other classes

Ms. McQuade shared with us that there are 42 languages spoken at McLaughlin Middle School and that it is common for these students to know 4 different languages prior to learning english.


Our last stop was Art Class, however, we saw art ALL over this school. From the walls to the ceiling tiles – creativity from the students that attend McLaughlin Middle School was represented everywhere we turned!

The Chamber would like to extend its thanks to Principal Bill Krantz and the entire staff at McLaughlin for their hospitality and congratulate them on the great work they are doing for our community.

The Chamber will be visiting another school soon – please join us! Stay tuned to the Chamber weekly e-newsletter for updates and opportunities or email us to join the Education Committee.