Pedal to the Metal with the New Bike Sharing Program in Manchester

By June 7, 2017 Chamber Insights

Pedal to the Metal with the New Bike Sharing Program in Manchester

Manchester is now entering an elite group of top cities around the world with the addition of bike sharing.

What is bike sharing?

Zagster, a company that makes it so citizens can rent a bike to get around throughout a city, has teamed up with Manchester businesses to bring the community six bike stations and 30 bikes that will be available for rent. Simply download the app and follow the instructions to unlocking the bike and then take it for a ride. When you are done bring it back to an empty station, return to the app, and complete your ride.

For more information on how the app works:

What does this mean for Manchester?

The traffic in the city has become more complicated as the population increases. Bike sharing can be an easier way to travel throughout the city. Employees from the Millyard, which are predominantly from high tech businesses, are moving here from large cities and this is a common way to travel where they were from. Manchester’s demographic is a great match for this new trend as this is a city with many students and employees. Now the people of Manchester can avoid having to park and instead can travel around for a low-cost fee while having fun and exercising.

What if I do not want to ride a bike?

This program benefits the city as a whole because it will help promote Manchester for the up and coming city it is. Individuals will use this affordable option to explore the city for its restaurants, nightlife, and many amenities and attractions. The more people saving money on travel throughout the city will cause individuals to spend more on other things, which is a positive result for all area businesses.

Click here for more information about the recent Bike Share program launch.

About the Author

Chris Briggs is a 2017 Summer Marketing & Events Intern with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Briggs will be a senior at Stonehill College, this Fall.