Spotlight on Business: Hilton Garden Inn

By July 28, 2017 August 15th, 2017 Chamber Insights, Member Insights
July’s Spotlight On Business was hosted by the Hilton Garden Inn. The Hilton Garden Inn used this opportunity to promote a charity they feel passionate about instead of their own business: NH Coalition to End Homelessness. The Hilton Garden Inn supports this organization because it had a strong impact on one of their very own employees.

Lenny Constant, Hilton Garden Inn employee and homelessness survivor

Constant was a guest speaker at the July Spotlight on Business where he was able to speak first hand on the generosity of the Hilton Garden Inn and in addition to speaking about the wonders the NH Coalition to End Homelessness can work. Constant became homeless at the age of 43 after raising and providing for two children. He found himself at New Horizons where they provided him with resources. Being grateful to have the basic necessities, but not settling for being homeless, Constant was able to get involved with the Granite Leaders program, which assured him that he is not the only homeless man who ended up in this situation without the use of substances. He went back to school and graduated from Mount Washington College with an Associate’s Degree in Psychology. Constant secured a job in maintenance at Mount Washington College and then at the Hilton Garden Inn. He worked both jobs until the college closed, leaving him with one steady job with Hilton. With a consistent income, Constant was able to give back by advocating for the homeless and stressing the fact that there is always a way out!

The NH Coalition to End Homelessness

Gayle Murphy, Chair of the Board of Directors for the NH Coalition to End Homelessness, stressed how important it is to advocate for the homeless and how every donation can make a large impact. Their mission statement is: The NH Coalition to End Homelessness (NHCEH), a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Manchester, NH, was founded in 1990. As homelessness increased throughout the state, individuals and organizations began working on solutions to house and serve this growing population. In response, the NHCEH organized leaders in the state to research solutions on ending homelessness, educate providers on best practices, and empower people to advocate on behalf of the homeless. Our belief is that having a home is a basic human right and is fundamental to becoming an engaged and contributing member of our community.  Murphy spoke about a scholarship for high school students going into college called, “Hope Starts Here”, which provides incentive to go to college after being a part of the NH Coalition to End Homelessness program.

The Charitable Donation

The Hilton Garden Inn provided the NH Coalition to End Homelessness with a large check of $2,000 which Gayle Murphy said would go a long way. She mentioned that the money donated to the NH Coalition to End Homelessness supports three initiatives: publishing for their events or cause, hiring speakers to help drive their points, or for the “Hope Starts Here” scholarship.