Staff Update – Marketing & Communications

Summer Staff Update: Marketing & Communications

The “summer slowdown.” That’s what everyone in the Manchester area calls it. Living in New Hampshire, we only experience about three months of summer, so we cherish the warm weather (no matter how humid) and the long days (no matter how many mosquitoes). Many businesses in Manchester provide flexibility and summer hours, so employees can take full advantage of this short season with family and friends. It is truly a unique and valuable element to working in Manchester, NH – there is typically a great work-life balance.

During this “summer slowdown” throughout July and August, the Chamber dials back the frequency of events and takes the time to strategize and develop new, innovative, and fresh programming, member benefits, economic development and infrastructure initiatives, workforce development collaborations and more.

As the Director of Marketing and Communications, I am specifically working on rolling out a new Marketing Campaign. You have likely noticed by now, that we underwent a re-brand this spring. The Chamber has a new logo and brand that authentically represents who we are, where the Manchester community is going, and the ideals we seek to represent – transformation, impact, moving forward, and setting a bold vision for the future of our community. We also chose a new tagline – Boldly Going – to further connect the big picture mission of the Chamber to everything we do.

This campaign is all about the people powering the businesses that make Manchester a modern destination. With our new tagline, Boldly Going, we’re positioning the Chamber as a force in Manchester – an organization standing behind the people making bold business strides in the city and its surroundings. We’ll highlight these people and show just what we mean by “Boldly Going,” and we’ll dig deeper in to stories that share each businesses unique brand of bold. Click here to read about the LGM Class of 2019 and their unique brand of bold: Unstoppable.

You’ll start to see this reflected in all areas of our communication. It’s important to me to share the unexpected, inspiring, idealistic and bold stories that make the Manchester community so unique, so the world understands that Greater Manchester is truly a vibrant and prosperous destination for business and people.

While I am sure I’ll see you in September as we go hard with fall programming, please reach out to me anytime to discuss the possibilities in sharing your unique and fearless stories at

Lauren Getts, Director of Marketing and Communications, Greater Manchester Chamber