What’s Ahead in 2019 – A Letter from MYPN Chair Julia Whitney

What’s Ahead in 2019 – A Letter from MYPN Chair, Julia Whitney

Manchester YPs,

I am thrilled to be your new Manchester Young Professionals Network Advisory Council Chair! Manchester is a city that is dear to me – I wholeheartedly live, work and play here. I love its businesses, people, and history. I am also excited about its future growth and how this city has truly become a high-tech hub of innovation. This is a role that I will not take lightly, as it is an honor to have the responsibility of being the voice of YPs throughout Manchester and the region.

After 14 successful years as a volunteer-run organization, MYPN merged with the GMCC in 2017 and the combined organization has been working on a new strategic plan since. With a year of strategic planning and creativity under our belt, MYPN now has a new mission, vision, membership structure and exciting event opportunities all ready to debut in 2019.

It is the mission of MYPN to engage, connect, and serve as the collective voice for YPs by providing emerging opportunities for leadership, employment, and community building while actively attracting, retaining, and developing a vibrant and collaborative network of YPs in Manchester.

With that, I’d like to point out a few highlights of what’s ahead for MYPN in 2019!

Events and Programs

MYPN programming is now offered in 4 categories: Social Events, “Fast Forward Labs” our entrepreneurial start up series, “Adulting 101,” our series focused on professional development, and our Signature MYPN Events. Our signature events include:

YP Town Hall – an event focused on MYPN’s advocacy efforts and “The State of Young Professionals in Manchester.”

Non-profit Shark Tank – an opportunity for non-profits to pitch YPs on why they should get involved with their organization.

MYPN Champions Breakfast – An opportunity for our “Champions” – young professionals working at businesses investing in MYPN – to highlight what MYPN has accomplished, and the impact of MYPN to business leaders invested in the organization.

View our Eventbrite page to see what is currently open for registration!

Membership Options

MYPN now offers both an individual membership option as well as three Corporate Investor membership options. For further details on benefits included and how to join, email info@mypn.org!

Individual Membership – the MYPN general membership is open to young professional individuals connected to the greater Manchester community. As a general membership, individuals are offered access to MYPN programming along with opportunities to build their personal and professional networks.

Corporate Investor Membership – Investing in the mission and vision of MYPN provides businesses with direct access and connections to the growing talent base in greater Manchester. A businesses investment helps us actively attract, retain, and develop a vibrant and collaborative network of young professionals in Manchester. There are three different levels of investment that fall under this membership

Committee Involvement

As you get to know MYPN, you might find yourself interested in getting more involved with the organization. Becoming a committee member is a way for YPs to engage and connect with other YPs who are passionate about the same things. Our new committees include: Programs Committee, Community Engagement Committee, Marketing and Partnerships Committee and the Membership Committee. To learn more about these committees and how to get involved, email info@mypn.org!

I hope you will consider jumping in with both feet and getting involved with MYPN this year. Even if you’ve participated in the past, we have adapted and evolved our programming to better align with what YPs in 2019 want. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and join our mailing list.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon,
Julia Whitney

Q & A with Julia Whitney

Julia Whitney, 26, is the marketing and retention specialist at the Economic Development Office and is on the Advisory Council of the Manchester Young Professionals Network. Whitney grew up in Hudson, attended Suffolk University in Boston, (“I lived all four years, right downtown,” she says,) and then took part in a political leadership program in Washington D.C.

“I’ve always been proud to be from New Hampshire,” Whitney says. “My parents owned a small business in Manchester, so I graduated and came back. I had a taste of city life in Boston and in D.C., and I was ready to try a new city. I had the opportunity to work on a U.S. Senate campaign and I traveled from Coos County all the way down to the southern part of the state, and I fell back in love with New Hampshire.”

What keeps you in Manchester?

“It’s the people. We have such an engaged community. Obviously, the Young Professionals Network is super engaged, but there are so many community groups and opportunities for arts and culture. There’s so much pride in our city about the betterment of Manchester. I really enjoy singing its praises.”

What do you like best about Manchester?

“I’m known to go out to eat a lot. We have many diverse restaurants – especially downtown (my favorites are either Campo Enoteca or The Birch on Elm.) I live and work downtown, so I’m always on Elm Street. Every Saturday morning I’m downtown getting a donut or an iced tea at Café la Reine. I love exploring the city. I’m also a runner, so I’ll run on the rail trail for miles. I think one of the best things about Manchester is our vicinity to everything – the mountains, the ocean, the ability to take day trips around the region.

“There’s a better sense of community here. I feel, especially living in the downtown area, the ability to walk to work, get a coffee, get dinner, is important. Then there’s the public art – I can see the mural behind the Palace Theatre, the artistically painted utility boxes – and now that sense of community is expanding more outside the downtown district.”

What motivates you to give back to the community?

“What our city deserves is for its young professionals to be engaged and involved. We have so many great amenities and opportunities, the least I can do is take everything I’ve learned and the friends I’ve made through the young professional community and help strengthen the city by being a liaison to young professionals in the city.”

What would your message be to other young professionals considering a move to Manchester?

“Manchester is pretty incredible. There are such great job opportunities and, I think, nine colleges in the city. There are great shops and restaurants and brand new apartments. Manchester gives you the opportunity to grow professionally as well as personally. There are many organizations you can volunteer for.

“It’s a cool feeling to walk down the street and see someone you know on almost every block – whether it’s from your professional career or personally. You don’t have that in a bigger city.”